Two famous engineers contribute to Ferrari

We took a tour of Britain in a 488 Spider and a vintage 166 to celebrate the 70th birthday of the brand. We took one of the fastest models and then we drove the oldest Ferrari to celebrate 70 years of production. As the brand has its 70th birthday this year, we thought it’s important to remember and tell you that Ferrari, the team, car, and constructor are older than the brand that’s quite famous today.

Enzo Ferrari was already famous in the motor racing circuit before putting his name on the car. So, before celebrating the birthday, let’s remember that if he was alive today, he would have been 119 years old. It’s been 97 years since he came second in the 1920 Targa Florio and gained worldwide recognition. 85 years ago his emblem was slapped on Alfa Romeos, which dominated the Grand Prix Racing in the early 1930s. 77 years ago the first of two Auto Avio Construzione 815s were built in 1940.

This was our first stop, as we are heading to places important to Ferrari. We reached the Goodwood and even though our tour should follow a chronological path, it won’t. Instead, it will geographically-based, almost straight, and true.

We reached the circuit to remember the two races that were held here and the one that took place without the key protagonist. It is debatable as to who’s the greatest racing car driver ever, but I think not many people would argue that between Fangio’s retirement and Moss’s last race right here, many wanted Moss to drive for them.

The car we drove was 68-years old but in excellent condition. A racing version of the vehicle won Le Mans in 1949 when Ferrari became the first Marque to win it on its debut. Two famous engineers contributed to this excellent vehicle, Gioacchino Colombo and aforementioned Lampredi.

Today, Ferrari is a worldwide famous brand with millions of followers. Every car lover has wanted to buy a Ferrari somewhere in his life, and why not, it’s a brand of excellence.