The crossover gets a new powerful engine

Volkswagen has introduced a new and improved version of its family car, Volkswagen T-Cross and it’s available in the market from £18,365. The car has now a 1.5-liter engine, while previously it had only a 1.0-liter petrol engine available in a couple of flavors.

T-Cross is the smallest crossover by Volkswagen, so the engine is pretty big, although it’s only big in terms of a family car. The T-Cross is already one of our favorite crossovers, as it has nice interior and exterior and is pleasant to drive, but with the new powerful engine, we admire it even more.

One of the best features of this vehicle is it can achieve 0-61mph in 8.4sec and its economy is 42.1mpg/147g/km on the combined cycle. The vehicle we drove came in range-topping R-Line trim, and even though it appeared to be sporty, it wasn’t, despite having 18in wheels.

A thing to ponder is what it’s like from inside. The vehicle’s interior can win you over in no time. All materials have that typical Volkswagen appearance, as they appear to be solid, but when you touch them, you can a bit disappointed as only some of the materials are soft like door armrest and touchpoints.

The R-Line versions have digital instruments and a central Touchscreen that lets you do too much. For me, it was hard to find a good driving position; I had to adjust the seat for a few minutes before I found the right position. The rival cars are not necessarily better, but you have to see what works for you. After all, the driving experience is the most important thing. It drives well, on the motorway, and the less stable roads. The steering is accurate and responsive and it’s less alert than a Ford Puma.

It’s a classy car, so if you want to buy it, it’s good for you. Ford Puma and Kia Xceed are good too but are a bit longer than T-Cross, so they might look less appealing to you. But it’s up to you, which car you like; there is not much difference, so you will be getting a good car, anyway.