Some great innovations that changed the automotive world

If you hear someone say nothing new is being done, don’t argue, as it’s pretty much true. At least in the automotive world where the new technology we see every year has been seen before.

After every few years, we are introduced to new technology, so today we would look at some of those technologies and describe whether they are new or not. We will also look at some inventions that were meant to change the way people drive, but disappeared like they never existed.

First, let’s talk about hybrid vehicles. In recent years, you must have heard a lot about hybrid vehicles and some people might even think this technology is new. But, in reality, this technology was introduced way back. Although this technology caught everyone’s attention in 1997 when Toyota Prius was introduced, the system was introduced in 1900. It was a heavy and expensive system, that’s why it got out of the scene for nearly a century.

Today, almost every car has an in-built air conditioner, and although UK motorists got its experience quite late, it was introduced in the USA in 1940. The system worked, but not quite well and it was expensive, but after a few years, a better system was developed and in the 1970s air-conditioned cars were quite common.

Touchscreen infotainment is an old technology too. With the Smartphone revolution, car manufacturers rushed to add Touchscreen interfaces in their cars. But, this tech was introduced in the vehicles way before smartphones were launched. The first such system was seen in Buick Riviera and it was known as the Graphic Control Center. The system allowed handling radio, climate control, and more.

Now we will look at some innovations that didn’t work. In the 1970s, a racing engine was developed using plastic, yet today it doesn’t seem like we will ever see a plastic engine. Another such innovation is the fifth parking wheel, the idea for which was first patented in 1932. A lot of work was done on it and it worked, but later the idea was dropped and it seems like we won’t see it ever again.