Shift the primary focus towards performance

BMW 545e is a Fleet-friendly, plug-in hybrid vehicle and we are super excited for it. A few years back, BMW announced that it would manufacture plug-in hybrid models, to compete with the rivals. Initially, the focus was only on fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, but as the other rival companies presented new and better-performing vehicles, BMW also took notice and decided to shift the primary focus towards performance.

It is evident from the 2020 four-wheel-drive 545e xDrive, that’s part of the 5 Series line-up. The line-up will be revealed later this year; it is expected due to the famous 530e, the sales for which now stand at 50,095.

The vehicle was driven in the pre-production form and it can be seen that it picks up developments from the 745e. It has a six-cylinder petrol engine instead of the smaller four-cylinder unit present in the 530e. It has a turbocharged 3.0-liter engine, the same as in the 540i and it can produce 326bhp.

Even though we drove only the prototype, we were told that it has all the latest developments and features that will also be part of the production vehicle. There are some serious design changes in the whole line-up and the exterior reflects those design changes. It has a new-look grille, that’s wider and lower than before. It has a single frame design.

The headlights have received changes as well, with new graphics, daytime running lights, and indicators. The vehicle provides a comfortable driving environment and has some great controls than are enhanced through gesture functions and optional speech. The prototype doesn’t give anything away; the feeling of quality is amazing. You can select one using the buttons on the central console.

The production vehicle might have some changes, so we can’t say sure whether it’s worth buying or not. But, from the initial data, it does look good, and it might be a good investment.