See what’s happening at Lamborghini

An archivist at the company’s Polo Storico department, Rodrigo Ronconi says his name represents the truth. He says, else there is no truth while he is looking at the problematic Diablo.

His words might seem a bit arrogant, but he is not arrogant at all or he doesn’t seem to during the time that we spent with him. He is industrious, very passionate about it works, and seems like he can do without our visit, although he doesn’t express this. The Diablo issue appears trivial, but at the same time, it’s not.

The owner of one of the vehicles wanted some parts of the vehicles to be repainted and he wanted it yesterday. Rodrigo is spending a lot of time finding down the code for this special hue, so it can mix in Milan and that too would be very costly.

This is what Rodrigo does for a living. He has to handle the pressure of time, give attention to even the little details, and manage plenty of cash. All the big brands have sub-companies that promote, service, restore, and authenticate their heritage spread around the globe. Lamborghini is among those brands.

The marque is not too old, and some of the staff that you see today were hired in the 1980s, and even the 70s. It is the need of the hour to preserve the brand’s history. The company seems to be very serious about this issue and it is indicated by the fact that they consulted Porsche Classic to get advice when they were establishing Polo Storico in 2015.

The department’s operations are very limited, and the reason for this is that the department was built just a few years ago. And also, there are not many vehicles, the company only manufactured, 6901 vehicles, between 1964 and 2001. Whereas, Ferrari built over 60,000 cars during the same years, and Jaguar made 66,000 E-Types between 1961 and 1975.

But, even though there is not much record, there is a lot that still needs to be done. If the company wants to preserve its history, it needs to take this department even more seriously.