Richard Noble thinks the country should change its approach

If you are not already familiar with Richard Noble, you should know that he once hold the land speed record. He set this record in 1983 when he drove his car, Thrust 2 at a speed o 633mph on Nevada’s desert. He held this record for 14 years, and in 1997 his record was broken.

But, that’s not it; he was the project director of Thrust 2 successor, Thrust SSC, driven by Andy Green, who broke his record. Recently, he and his team have been working on another third jet-rocket-powered project called Bloodhound. They have run the car on a purpose-built track in South Africa and it so far has met the expectations.

So far, Noble has worked on a total of 11 objects, set several records, and help Britain’s technology to move forward. He has discovered many talented technical experts that have helped him over the years and are proud of it. But, he also has a history of running after financial backers, who could have helped him and gain benefits too, but they were too afraid to gamble.

He has written a book recently to recognize the people, who have helped him over the years and to motivate others. The book, titled Take Risk, is meant to encourage young talents to dream big and take risks. It’s also meant to encourage financial backers to provide financial support to such projects, who instead, feel good to see the projects fail.

Noble believes that we need to change the country. You cannot achieve without taking risks and people need to realize it. Noble is disappointed at the approach of his country, we have become timid and careful, according to him. He has written the books himself, no ghostwriter was hired for any part, as indicated from his warm words for his partners and helpers.

Noble wants to help British youngsters discover live projects. He thinks kids need to see what a live project is about and how teamwork is done.