Production phase begins for the new hypercar

The engine for Gordon Murray’s new T50 supercar has reached an important phase as it was run in the production form for the first time. The brand new ultra-lightweight 3.9-liter V12 engine was run on the dynamometers of the Cosworth Engineering.

The engine is stated to be the best V12 engine ever made for a road car, by its developers. According to the creators, it’s the lightest V12 engine ever with a weight of 179kg, it’s also being said to have the highest rev limit and highest power density.

The tests ware being carried out for the past nine months and finally, it has achieved a great milestone. The emissions targets were set by the developers when testing began and now Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) testing has revealed that the engine meets those targets. Not only this, but it also exceeds the estimated power and torque outputs. The original esteem estimated power output was 641bhp, but now the creator has lifted it to 663bhp.

Now, many people would wonder why the creators choose a simple V12 engine when it’s the turbo era. Murray, who also created F1, said that for us a normal V12 engine can work better. He also said we were sure we can’t get that F1 induction growl and the turbo can’t deliver the response for which McLaren F1 was famous. McLaren F1s throttle response was 10,000rpm per second and that’s what made it so great. But, the engine we have created now has a three times faster response rate.

If you examine the engine, you would see that its dimensions are extremely good. It has a 183kg mass, while its competitions have around the 281-302kg mass. The crankshaft is about half the length of others, so it helps in weight distribution.
From top to bottom, the engine has a length of 42 cm, all the top cars’ engines have about the same length.

Murray is also happy with the partner developers Cosworth and Xtrac. He says they have to use the technology and manufacturing techniques in the best way. He is planning to present the car to the public very soon, even though the coronavirus crisis is not over yet. The T50 is expected to be manufactured on time, as most of the suppliers are local.