Performance review of Ford Focus ST

Finally, the governments are lifting the lockdown restrictions, and that means we will be able to drive again. If you missed being able to drive during the lockdown, you are probably very excited like us to get your car back on the road. But, if you don’t have a vehicle or want to buy a new one, here is a car that you should consider. We are presenting a long-term review of the new Ford Focus ST, so you can make a decision whether or not to buy it.

I have loved fast Fords from the very beginning when I learned how to drive. The cars that I bought and tested previously had very sober colors like dark blue or grey. It’s not a coincidence, I just don’t want to be noticed when I am driving a car. But, if you don’t want a simple car and want more of outrageous color, then go all the way with it, and get it on a fast Ford.

The car I am driving has orange fury paint, but I didn’t choose it, it just came this way. Also, I didn’t have any choice with specifications except that it should have petrol rather diesel power and manual instead of automatic gears.

So, when it was delivered, I was amazed by the number of gadgets and goodies the car came with. There was a gadget for almost everything like radar-controlled cruise control and heated steering wheel. Ford’s Performance pack includes launch control, rev-matched downshifts a track mode, and an upshift indicator.

The car had only been driven for 149 miles when I got it and that was the distance from Ford’s head office to my home. Its engine is a four-cylinder unit, its output is 275bhp that sounds modest, and especially if you consider that it has a capacity of 2.2 liters.

You can purchase the new car for around 32k. You can get a Ford performance pack for £251 and wireless charging or £97. Its Fuel economy is 35.6mpg and it can gain a Top speed of 153mp.