New vehicle is tested at the motorsports complex

The prototype test sessions begin for the new Land Rover Defender V8 at the Nürburgring. It is a motorsports complex located in Germany with a capacity of 150,000 people. Currently, besides other works, Land Rovers is also working on the V8 version of the new Defender and what we have seen in spy shots shows it’s being tested on the circuit. It a 4×4 and although the circuit is not the natural habitat for it, it is important as intensive chassis retuning is needed to ensure the vehicles can handle the additional power.

The vehicle had the Prototype Vehicle sticker on it, showing that it’s the prototype test sessions. There have been rumors of a V8 variant for quite some time, but there was no evidence that proves it. These shots provided the first official sighting of the vehicle and prove that the rumors were true.

When we examined the photos we noticed that there were no visible changes in the front, but on the back, we saw a quad exhaust system, that’s only used for V8-powered variants by the company. We could also see the red brake calipers on the prototype being tested.

The company has not yet announced the project’s existence, and one of the officials said we can’t comment on the specific nature of these projects. Even though the company is reluctant to officially announce the project, sources close to the company have confirmed it. So, we believe it’s only a matter of time before the company makes the official announcement. We got the registration data for the car that tells it has a 4999cc petrol engine, so apparently.

The prototype testing phase would conclude soon and then the production testing would begin. The vehicle is expected to be presented for sale in 2021, it is to be seen whether or not it can make it.