A limited stock of the Donkervoort D8 is available

New Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 that uses a five-cylinder Audi engine is out now and we are presenting its review. Joop Donkervoort started to import Lotus Severn to Europe when he was quite young. But, he faced a problem; the vehicle was not road legal, so he had to do some minor alterations, after 41 years it would appear that he hasn’t stopped.

The vehicle is being launched to celebrate the 69th birthday of Joop, so only 68 vehicles would be available. So, we can say that this is some unique way of celebrating the birthday.

The car’s engine has a petrol particulate filter due to the new emissions regulations. Hence, there is no need for a muffler under the boot floor, because it mutes the exhaust sound. So, some room is created under the boot.

The vehicle feels like a nicely developed vehicle, its engineering might not be as good as the other models, but the finish is excellent. It’s very comfortable to drive; the driving position is good as there is less interference from the driver’s door. The doors are in an appropriate place, so turbulence is low and the cabin is comfortable. It has great equipment and is better than other vehicles in many aspects.

The car is quite exciting and doesn’t let you get bored. It provides plenty to do and have an enjoyable time. It’s perfect for a long drive if you are thinking of hitting the highway and it’s also suitable for driving within the city. The speed and performance put you in awe of the vehicle.

So, when the vehicle is great, is it worth buying or not. The people in the UK love low-volume sports cars, so why wouldn’t they buy, also considering that only 67 models are available. Well, there are two reasons why you not might want to buy it, first, it’s a left-hand-drive only, and second, its price is quite high, £176,726 after tax. The vehicle has a limited stock, so if you want to buy it, you need to act fast and keep a lot of money with you.