How the design director helped the Peugeot

Peugeot, the French brand has achieved new heights in recent years and Gilles Vidal is among those who contributed the most in this achievement. He is the former design director of the company and is stepping down after working on this post for 10 years.

This week the news came that he would step down and his successor was announced. He worked as a design director for 10 years and during this time he transformed the styling direction of the company and helped it with the new models including 508 saloon and 208 hatchback. But now, his time in the company is over and he has given his post to Matthias Hossann. He will be joining Groupe Renault very soon. But, before he starts his new journey, let’s talk about his past and his legacy.

We spoke to him before the news came out of his departure, to get his views on future trends, autonomy, and company’s future projects. The day we talked with Vidal, it also became very clear that the Geneva motor show, one of the most loved shows may not recover next year as well due to its cancellation in March.

The crisis has impacted business and manufacturers, who have already lost a lot can’t seem to be able to afford the show next year. Shocking many people, they have informed the organizers that they won’t be able to support the show in 2021. With the absence of such a show, would the designing process of designers like Vidal be affected, we wonder. Such shows provide an opportunity for manufacturers to show that they exist. But, Vidal’s answer was a bit different.

He thinks, even though he is upset that they would miss such an event that hosts around one million visitors, it does not make much difference at all. Digital communication is on another level than before, and there are different ways to hold events to showcase the company’s products. So doesn’t matter if the motor shows are not happening, we can still show our work to the public.