Fourth-generation model is about to be launched

For Toyota customers in the UK, there is good news; Toyota Yaris is available on sale now, starting from £10,107. If you want to buy an affordable vehicle, this should be one of the options you should consider. Read our review below, so you can make a decision.

Not many petrolheads would be interested in a conversation about Yaris lore, but as the new fourth-generation model is about to be launched, it’s worth talking about it. In this review, we would tell you what’s good and what’s not good about the vehicle.

The first Yaris was sold 20 years ago, in 1999. It had a curvaceous body and was good to look at, but it had a lot of space and was easy to drive, so it did pretty well in the market, so well that even the company was surprised. It was liked by all customers, especially the young ones, and it changed the supermini class.

But, as the next decade progressed, better-looking vehicles were revealed by other companies including the Ford Fiesta, so where the Yaris was once everyone’s favorite choice, only the old drivers bought it. Mainly, because of its reliability and efficiency.

We took the Belgian-spec left-hand drive car on a short test drive, it’s a bit different from what you would buy, especially its equipment. It has a mid-ranking design trim with 17in wheels and has a color head-up display as well as wireless phone charging.

The new vehicle has the most interesting Cabin after the original Yaris. If you have driven the original vehicle and the vehicles after that, you would certainly notice that. As we saw in the latest Corolla, the quality has improved; there are a lot of improvements in the interiors, from seats to cabin to the material used.

The driving experience is mixed and there are small disappointments, but overall, the vehicle is better than the previous versions. It’s better in areas that matter and it’s more exciting. However, you also need to check the rival vehicles, as they might have something better to offer, within this price range.