Driving Porsche Cayman GT4 on Silverstone circuit

The best sports racing cars belongs to the GT4 category in our opinion. A decade ago GT3 category vehicles were the best, but today GT4s are much better, not only they are as fast as GT3s were back then, but they are better in other areas too. We took the 718 Cayman on one of the best routes in Britain, the Silverstone circuit and we had great fun.

A modern GT3 vehicle can lap spa at the same speed as Group C prototypes used to in the 1980s. GT4s cost less than GT3s, but they are still rapid. They are great vehicles to have and drive and they are not much dependant on their aero. They are the best option for the amateurs because they are able to get the full potential of the GT4s, whereas it’s not that easy with the GT3s. But still, the best drivers would drive faster, but at least we have a chance.

If you take the example of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, it can lap Silverstone at a speed that would make a road car look incompetent. And, if you have some talent and experience, you can push it even more. Some people are confused by the Clubsport and think this is just a normal road car, which is not true. It’s an evolved racing car, which is different from a street GT4 Cayman in every aspect.

Under its engine cover, it has 3.8-liter flat-six just like the older versions, but it can produce more power. It can produce a power of 420bhp whereas the old versions were able to produce 414bhp. Furthermore, it has a PDK gearbox, unlike the older versions.

It has GT3 Cup car race springs, front suspension, fully adjustable geometry, and a purpose-built race brake set-up. They have ripped the interior and the car just has a simple dashboard, column stalks, and some switches. But still, it’s not lighter than the standard Cayman. It is easy to drive and provides a lot of comforts. There is a lot of room and it sounds at it is expected to.