Consider this if you want a fast vehicle

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint is available for sale now, starting from £28,652, and we took it on a test drive to determine how good it is. The Italian manufacturer has launched this vehicle as a rival to the BMW 3 Series, so in this article, we would explain whether or not it can compete with BMW.

The company has updated the Alfa Romeo Giulia, though lightly, but till the updates are of great significance. Both the BMW and Alfa Romeo Giulia is manufactured and sold to the customers following the idea that style and driving experiences are as important as fuel economy. Not even the smoothness of the infotainment systems exceeds in importance. Customers can choose to spend more and get more powerful versions that can deliver 503bhp, but these cars, even with 200bhp can provide solid driving performance.

The car we tested also had 201bhp, and even it had a price of more than £37,062, it might not appear that way. Its price is more than the 320i M Sport that it competes directly with, but 197bhp and 242lb ft provides it an edge. Also, it can reach 62mph in 6.6sec, which is better than what more cars can achieve at its level.

Its sprint is quick, that’s because the chassis sustains the velocity very well and the engine makes enough power and torque. The chassis here is as important as power and torque, so we can’t under look it. The gearbox is quick but is smoother, so definitely there is no shortage of torque.

The driving experience is amazing; thanks to the way the chassis maintains composure. It maintains a great cornering balance, even on the B-roads, the front wheels are for guidance while the rear wheels carry the power.

It might appear simple, but where so many vehicles are front-wheel drive, it’s not easy to remember how good a rear-wheel-drive is when executed well.

Now, the big question, is it worth buying? Well, that depends on what you want from a vehicle and what you are willing to trade. It’s not as sharp as BMW, but its gait is mature and chassis is strong too. Its cabin is more refines, giving it a more classic look, although the interior could have been better, its exterior is on par with a classic.