BMW like to examine opponents’ products

The BMW M2 CS 2020 is available for sale in the UK starting from £75,318. It has a top speed of 174mph and fuel economy is 306-31.5mpg. Sometimes, when the manufacturers can’t deliver the test vehicles to us, we are asked to take the test car from the manufacturer directly. These visits are not inconvenient for us; we always come across interesting things during these visits. Sometimes that could be seeing a new model from the company, that’s not yet presented to the customers. Sometimes, we see the rival cars on the site, because the companies like to examine opponents’ products. So, when you enter the gate of the company, it’s important to pay attention to it.

We went to BMW UK HQ in Farnborough to receive the BMW M2 CS. It was the first chance to see the updated 5-series and the 4-series. Even though they look even worse from the pictures, this is not what we were excited about, as we saw an original 1973 3.0-liter CSL Batmobile and an M3 CSL.

The vehicle is a bit expensive, especially when you consider that you can get older M4 CS that’s 10bhp more powerful and 4kg lighter for below £54,000. BMW is asking a good amount of money for a vehicle that doesn’t have an L its name like the legendary vehicles found at UK HQ.

Now, the big question, should you buy it or not. Well, if the BMW had plonked down the vehicles and said, take it or leave for £74,000, either take it or leave it. We would have bought it definitely, as the car is really good to drive on the road. But, things are a bit complex than this.

You might find it hard to understand, but the existing M2 is more expressive and usable, so it’s more likable. It also has the same magnificent and well-developed engine. It lacks the brutal agility of the new vehicles but gives the same fun and satisfaction. So, it’s up to whether or not you want to pay more money for the new vehicle when the previous car is equally good, if not more.