Aston Martin has faced a few problems

Aston Martin has seen ups and downs, but recently it had been on the low side, and the ex CEO failed to fix it. Now that the corporate has appointed the new CEO, it is to be seen, will he be able to fix the problems or not.

The new CEO Tobias Moers has a tough task in front of him, one that he might not be able to with alone, so we are offering him some advice. It’s a known truth that the company has faced a few problems in the past few years including the devastating sharemarket flotation, but still, it has assets that many companies would do anything to acquire them. They have brilliant talents working for them, a range of well-engineered card, and great facilities. Not only this, at this moment they have a great SUV ready to be sold. Even though the ex CEO Andy Palmer, failed in some aspects, he also did some good things and left a pretty decent company, for which he should get the credit.

As the new starts working, the first positive news for him is the downfall of the coronavirus crisis. The markets are recovering, and there are many customers who are ready to buy a new or used car. So, it’s a good start from him and he can use this opportunity to present models to the customers.

If we talk about Tobias Moers, he is known as a guy how loves fast cars and has a great engineering track record. He belongs to the company that’s extremely technology central and from his interviews we can infer that he is confident, talented, and has his way of doing things. We do not doubt that he can do great things and work along with the personnel that survived hard times.

Tobias decided to leave the AMG and this decision should be appreciated. The auto industry is focusing on electric cars, which can deliver smooth, silent, and high performance. So, at this time, it’s better to rescue the luxury brand that can do well in the market and survive for a long time as long as it’s manufacturing great products than to make Mercedes variants.

Tobias would have to find key problems and find a solution for them and then make a plan to implement those solutions. It shouldn’t be a problem as he would be working with some great talents.