The actor drove the vehicle in his movie

The use of vehicles is normal in Hollywood, whether for a race scene, chase scene, or just simply to blow them, but have you wondered from those cars come. Kevin Sandler is the man who moviemakers look to when they need cars for their movies. As soon as we began talking with him, he told us he taught Brad Pitt how to drive, that was his conversion opener.

The actor drove the vehicle in his movie, Allied, released in 2016. If you see the movies or even see the trailer, you can see him driving the vehicle on the narrow streets of Casablanca, although the scenes were shot on Gran Canaria. According to Kevin, Brad was a very good student; he picked up things very quickly, so he was able to learn in a short time. He is an actor, so he knows how to follow directions and be a good listener, which helped too.

When we went to his garage, Brad’s Citröen wasn’t there, unfortunately. But, there were around 20 cars, all of which have appeared in the movies. The cars have appeared in movies like Captain America and The Conjuring 2, however the biggest car for us is the 1966 Hillman Husky, but it ended it up on cutting room floor of Bohemian Rhapsody. Kevin says it’s the most annoying thing about this job, we have to wait for hours to shoot a scene and then it doesn’t become the part of the film.

Founded in the early 1970s, it supplies modern cars, racing cars, and military vehicles to film and TV industry. It provides the cars through car clubs and also private owners, who are hoping their car, would become a part of a movie or a TV show. The fee for providing the car depends on the value of the car to the film and it can go up to hundreds of pounds.