A vehicle with a decent 50-yard handshake

If you read auto articles, you must have come across the term 50-yard handshake. This can be related to several sensations, some important, some not; a car gives off between the time you get in and when you shift to second gear. It’s a short period, with nothing much happening and frankly quite boring, but the reason why it’s important and has an informal name is that if a car has a good handshake, it is likely to be good to drive across the board. Similarly, if a car doesn’t have a good handshake, it might not be that good to drive across the board.

In this article, we are reviewing Birds BMW 1 Series M140i. To start things, let us tell you that it has a really good 50-yard handshake. If you heard the name Birds, you won’t be surprised by this, but if you haven’t, don’t just fall with the dealership-spec exterior. Behind it, there is a lot of interesting stuff such as tweaked suspension geometry.

The real question is how it feels like when you drive the vehicle. As we said, the vehicle has a good handshake, so it means it should be very good to drive. But, things are not that simple. It feels a bit underdeveloped, has apathetic controls and the suspension set-up gets overwhelmed by the engine, in the wrong way.

The steering is a bit of disappointment for us. It feels light, especially when you are driving below 40mph. It improves somewhat as your cross 40mph. If you know Birds, you know that people choose Birds because of the work it does on chassis, which, of course, is very important for a good driving experience.

If you want to buy it, you should buy the updated versions, you would have to pay a little more for that. It is an exciting car and certainly useable on the road. So, we would say, if you buy it, its money well spent. But, you have to make sure you get the latest version with all the updates installed, otherwise, it won’t be a very good investment.